I Felt I Was Missing Out

I was fortunate to grow up in a nice home in an environment where I could excel and have a great child hood.  As odd as my mind was I felt that in living amongst all this, I was missing something.  Below is a bit on what that was for me and how growing up offered some perspective.


I Felt I Was Missing Out

I felt that I was missing out

Because there was nothing wrong

My life would have been desired by many

It was easy for me to get along

My home wasn’t broken

Every day I went to school

I had no addiction to over come

Keeping it boring was almost the rule

I saw so many others struggle

With pain, loss, and strife

They had such stories to speak about

That were more colorful than my own listless life

I had good friends, I made good grades

I came from a nice, sound home

My worst complaint I could probably muster

Was that in my bedroom my cell phone would roam

Now as odd as it sounds (Please don’t tell me, I know)

That because things were so good

It was within my own lackluster life

I felt I a sinister absence agape in my mood

I had no troubled soul that needed expressing

No aspect of a deep, dark past

A criminal record you would find was missing

My life was passing me by and fast

As I grew older I had some troubles

But nothing to write home about

I still was riding the wave of mediocrity

To get noticed I had to scream or shout out


Then one day I came to realize

That what I thought wasn’t remotely true

That as blasé as I perceived them

My emotions were just as valid for me as they were for you

My need to be heard was the same as the rest

No requirement was needed for a drug

Depression would creep in just as easily

Like a canine getting cozy on my throw rug

Heartache too was also a friend

For I had suffered some loss

And before I knew it I had joined the rest

The bridge of experience I had at last come across


Now my words can at last come out

Those who hear them nod their heads

For they too do feel my pain

And empathize with the words I have said




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