My Greatest Achievement

As I moved on into being an adult you start to look for the purpose in your life.  What will you put your energy into?  Is there some grand plan put in place by God just for you?  And if so, what was it?  We all search for these things.  This is what I believe is mine.


My Greatest Achievement

Of all of my achievements, you are my greatest

Through time you will supersede them all

In moment to moment, from my first to the last

You alone will live up to the call

I’m not naïve enough to know

There will be no sign of trouble

As the years pass and time goes on

Like us all you are sure to stumble

Through trial and error you will learn your way

Your insight will bring you far

Oh the greatness that is sure to follow you

Despite any earned pains and scars

As I moved through my years I stopped to consider

Just what my task in life may be

Would it be to entertain others

Or bring insight for young students to see

I could not land on a passion, my focus it would change

On one choice I could never decide

A plethora of paths lay out before me

Some paths were narrow and some paths gaping wide

After enough time had gone by to leave me stranded

In a limbo of just what to do

Imagine my weary spirit’s rejoicing at seeing your face

At last, I would be able to come through

I wasn’t adrift or lost at sea

There was a plan for me all along

For whatever I was managing to do with just me

You would be my life’s great end song

I would bring you up into the man you were to be

My best would be all you would get

I would be there to bring a smile to your face

And build a life that you would never regret

My own failings I would use with a cartographer’s care

As a map to navigate your life

So the same pitfalls that I befell

You would never know that feeling of strife

You may not know now just what you have

In store for you as you travel

But just trust in me when I say to you

All you need is put your foot to some gravel

You are blessed more than you know

Inside you, a cornucopia of talents

You have the wisdom to know which tools to use

And apply whatever skill your challenge warrants


I have no doubt in my mind that my charge was for you

No one can tell me differently

As you move through your life to see all that’s in store

Know that I stood by you ever so fervently

I rest now and I am secure

In my race that I have already won

For it is you who is my greatest achievement

My pride trails in your wake, my son



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