No Connection

In chasing more literary exploits, I ended up writing a piece intended for spoken word that may make me sound like an old man on his porch screaming for kids to get off his lawn.  It doesn’t make the words here any less true though.


No Connection

We live in a world of little to no connection

And the crazy thing is no one sees a need for correction

Where things today move faster than ever

Emails are sent, texts are typed, and life flies through a server

We watched too many movies

Streamed too much music

Chased too many digital monsters

If I asked you who your neighbor was,

Would you think I was bonkers?


Do you remember what you said to the last person you passed on the street?

“Hey”, “What’s up?”, “How ya doin?’ or was it something real sweet?

Did they respond to you?

“Sup.” “Nothin.”, “Alright.” or did they just pass you by?

Are we just in our own little world catching the best signal of wi-fi?

Were you chasing the newest tweet?

Or the latest filter on that funny picture?

(did he just say “tweet?” how old is that?)

Leave me alone and look in the mirror.


Video’s so funny we only watch about 10 seconds before we swipe to the next one

Can you sing the lyrics to 5 songs on the radio or not even name just one?

What did you learn today?

“I heard that that guy did that thing over in the place.”

Really? How do you know?  Please don’t tell me it was on the book of the Face.

That’s how I heard about it, I saw him in the headline.

It’s what some other guy said. I’m sure I heard it some time.


What was the last thing you read longer than 140 characters?

Did you lose interest and it just didn’t register?

Was it boring because it was about policy, a movement or another story just like all the rest?

“It reminded me about the last one”, yeah? Let’s put you to the test.

Was it last week, last month, last year? It all blurs the same.

“I don’t keep up with that stuff man! Just turn around with all that shame”


Oh so because you don’t know your neighbor

Or who passed that last law

That it’s MY fault?

Well… in some way it is. I helped give rise to this fatal flaw.

I’m one of the ones who is content to let you be a zombie to all the digital pages

Not looking any further, or caring any deeper than your friend who follows your pages

When was it permissible to shortchange your speech?

When half of the stuff you type are pictures for pronunciations just out of your reach.

“It takes more time, its hard work, I don’t know what that means”

I’ve allowed you to become lazy and butcher the English that was the Queen’s.


What if one day you looked at one another?

Not through a tiny lens but in person.

What would you say? Would it be too weird?

Can’t think of a fate that was a worse one?

Would you tell them they were pretty? That you liked the sound of their laugh?

Why not man up and go for it, you won’t suffer their wrath.

Dare to do better than “pretty.” How about “beautiful”, “stunning”, or “wondrous”

Maybe they are clever, insightful, extraneous, flirtatious, stalwart, or boisterous.

What would it mean to you to hear them tell you what it is that they felt?

“I get nervous” “I’m excited” “You always put a smile on my face?”

“I’m still searching” “I feel that way too”

Well welcome to the human race!


There is too much out there to sum up in a meme.

If you’d look around you’d see what I mean

The color is too bright; the sun is too warm,

You may miss out on all the world has to offer.

Read a little and you may end up reading more

Get some words in your brain soon you will end up talking to one another

Just because it’s easy or doesn’t take very long

Doesn’t mean it’s all good for you, maybe it doesn’t belong


In my final thoughts for the day please let me be clear

I’m not calling for the bond fires fed with tablets, phones, and other pieces of gear

Just don’t lose your true self till all your brain has been spent

If you lose yourself you won’t know exactly where you went

All you’ll be able to see is your reflection in the IPhone screen

You will lose focus on anyone else worth being seen

You won’t see them, won’t know them, and about you they won’t have a clue

Make sure they know who you are, who best to tell them than you?

Speak well when you talk, and you will be remembered fondly

For how smart you were and how you acted so kindly

Lead a new generation to re-forge their connections

And it won’t be a tragedy when there is no need for a correction.


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