The Power of Words

I don’t think most people appreciate the power of words

I say most people and not “people” because “people” would include everyone

and I don’t think this idea applies to everyone.  Just most.

I realize that the people who read or hear this are probably not the ones that this

Is directed toward, but they are the people most likely to empathize

so I rant…


I don’t think most people appreciate the power of words

Words are power. They can move and inspire you.

They can build you up, tear you down, give you worth or none.

They can start wars or end them

They can define a generation

There is so much power in words and yet there are people who refuse to use them

They spurn words and cast them aside thinking if they were to be seen using them they wouldn’t be themselves anymore.

They don’t want to sound too smart or maybe something may be expected of them

It goes against their upbringing where words showed where you came from and who you were

And with every contraction, slang, and slur that slips out language dies slowly


Words reach into the very sustenance of your soul and take root

“I love you”, “I’m proud of you” “I knew you could do it”

“It’s a boy”

“She didn’t make it”, “I can’t do this anymore” “Get out of my house”

“I do”

Words accompany events in our lives and we don’t take stock to consider what we say.

Are we in a hurry? Do we really care?

These moments are here but once and then gone forever.


Words transcend time. Long after we are gone and our memories are but anecdotes that are told every great now and then, our words resonate.  My great grandfather always said…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident” “I have a dream” “Ask not what your country can do for you”

“It is finished”

History will know you by your words.


Words speak to the soul like nothing else. They will penetrate your walls and paint the halls of your mind.

Words will give you vibrant color that can only live in your imagination.

Words will take you to places that you had thought you had forgotten.

Words can awaken your senses. The correctly laid phrase will send your blood rushing and skin tingling and make you long for a lover’s touch.

Words can soothe you when you are lost and bring you home.

Words can kill you. Or at least make you wish for death.  With every piece of loyalty and love can also come betrayal and distain.  Words are power.


Words are power and don’t be persuaded to the contrary.

Words disarm and protect. They chastise and console.  They edify and eviscerate.


What would you do with the arsenal of the ages on the tip of your tongue?


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