Till Death Do Us Part

I’ve had a story idea for quite a while that is a weird mix of a romantic story interrupted by horror, but end capped with hope.  I’m lousy at dialogue so a screenplay for a short film never got made, but I did manage to lay out the story in this form.  I hope it translates to the reader.


Till Death Do Us Part

I had no idea what the future had in store for me

The night would go on unscripted

To say I was nervous was at best an understatement

To break the code of women encrypted

A good friend was kind enough to arrange

Our meeting in the spirit of good fun

He knew that I hated going on blind dates

And in all likelihood I would turn quickly and run

But in the face of fear I walked to your door

Determined to show him who’s boss

And when the door opened my dread fell away

And my speech at first glance was lost

You were truly breathtaking

A very vision in splendor

And when your eyes saw me

You said hello and bade me enter

We would soon be off but you had to retrieve your coat

You did not want to risk a chill

I lent you my arm to lead you about town

And when our hands touched I was met with a thrill


We were lost in our own world as we walked through the city

The only thing that held my attention was you

Your laugh was so warming, your countenance so sweet

No more lovely a companion I knew

We talked of our dreams

And our passions in life

Where do you work, go to church and the like

To each other we were an open book

I lost the clock somewhere in our perfect date night

Dinner was good and after a few drinks

Before long our walls had fallen

If it went to our heads or just had fallen in love

The deep seeded wants of our bodies were calling

We made haste on our way back to your door

Apartment stairs more a climb than I recalled

But made it we did despite all the steps

And we stopped at the third left down the hall

The rest of the night is all just a blur

A mesh of skin, sweat, and sheets

And into the night it was only us two

As the city moved on in the dark busy streets

Little did we know that as we were lost

In our speech, in our sex, in our slumber

The rest of the world came under such tragedy

And the dead would rise in great numbers


It was in the early hours of morning when the first knock came

At first you weren’t sure it was real

When the noise was repeated you got up to meet it

Asking your neighbor for a discrete appeal

You cracked the door open just so and spoke to your guest

“Are things okay, you aren’t usually up this early?”

And they offered you no answer just a blank stare

And at once you felt a great sense of worry

You opened the door to offer your aid

What else would you be expected to do

But before you knew it you were fighting for your life

As your sweet neighbor savagely attacked you

They offered no words, screams, or demands

Just all the fury of a person unchecked

Push as you might they would not give way

As they moved closer to biting your neck

With your last plea you begged the creature to stop

But your choked words fell on deaf ears

It was just enough time for me to land my blow

And move the monster across the floor in the clear

I helped you to your feet and we took stock of your assailant

This sweet woman that at one time you knew

Was no longer standing in front of us

And in both of us sheer terror grew

She looked almost dead

No wait! She was

She could no longer be considered alive

Her eyes were glossed over as one long deceased

There was no other answer that we could derive

She came at us again in a rage unparalleled

It was like nothing I had ever seen

But together we pushed back our would-be killer

And sent her head through the television screen

For a moment we just stood there completely in shock

Not knowing if this woman had died

Then you looked at me and I brought you close

As you buried your head in my chest and cried

I held you close for a minute or two

You collected your breath and were calm

We took to our phones to call the police

And immediately we saw what was wrong

Overnight while we slept the world went to hell

We saw news of attacks and wide spread loss

The worst story of all was that no help was coming

And we were left with our own dooming thoughts

“What are we going to do?” you asked me lost

I had no remedy for our trouble

“Whatever it is, I won’t leave you alone”

And we collected ourselves on the double

We could no longer stay here, the township aflame

Our only hope of salvation was to leave

The plan of attack was to get out of the city

And try to find time to rest, breathe, and grieve


As we set out to our new future

In the face of the savage departed

I couldn’t help call to my memory

How our relationship had started

Why it was just the night before

That we lay spent in each other’s arms

Lost in our passion to each other

And there was no sense of alarm

I had no idea what the future had in store for me

The evening had gone on unplanned

But in you I had found my soul’s inverse

And felt what it was like to be a man

In your eyes I saw my future

You had laid claim to my heart

It didn’t matter that overnight the world had come to an end

From now on it was till death do us part


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