Unforgettable Goodbye

Things were over between us

You had made that perfectly clear

You had come by one last time to say your goodbye

But after four hours you were still here

We knew the break was for the best

Our time had run its course 

But it was almost as if there was something unsaid

And to leave it would just be the worst

With all the pressure now off and no fear of commitment

I saw in your eyes one conclusion

That the something unsaid just had to come out

And only then would there be resolution
My anger at you came in full force

As I made quick work if your clothes

Not one to lose ground you made me relent

And forgot for a time all my woes

I made sure I took stock of your body

Your sleek curves

Your ripe lips

Your soft thighs

For never again would they be mine to behold

In my deep memory I committed your sighs

You also too drank me in all you could

Making the best of our time

That even though you were leaving me for him in the morning

You would long for the touch that was mine

We exhausted each other like there was no tomorrow

And for us it was all too true

I took you in every way I knew how

To cement in my mind the memory of you 
Afterwards as you slept I sat back and observed

Half of you exposed in the moonlight

I dare not disturb you in your blissful state

It was the end to an unforgettable night

I grabbed my journal to keep the moment fresh

For my memory is all too fleeting

I even managed to work a quick sketch

Your only movement the rhythmic sound if your breathing
In the morning you left me for good

There was nothing left for us to say

As I watched you drive away I knew in my bones

That it could have ended no other way.​


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