A Vision of Chains

I wouldn’t say I had a vision per se, but a unique look at a metaphor.  As I pondered on this idea a story started to develop.  This is intended as a free form spoken word but the last stanza should be read to rhyme.


The Chains on My Wrists

I was there in a prison of my own making and wore heavy chains on my wrists

Around me were other prisoners in other cells with chains of their own

Some loved their chains and clung to them tightly

Some hated their chains and thrashed against them day and night

Some tried to convince me their chains were not actually there at all, but we all knew better

We were all in chains

One day as we sat in the prisons of our own making, waiting for our sentence to be carried out

The King, the general, the leader of our army came in

I did not know Him but had I heard stories of Him when I was a child

He did not look as I had pictured Him, but as I beheld Him I was struck

He started moving through prisoners saying to them “Follow me and be free” and their chains fell off

He moved through the prison cells setting captives free and then he came to me

He knelt down at my side and held my gaze

And almost with a subtle smile He said “Follow me and be free” and my chains fell off

But not as I had expected

Where other prisoners before me had their chains fall from their wrists mine fell at the walls

I looked at the chains still at my left and my right and was puzzled

I was free, yes, but in order to leave I would have to carry these chains

The King turned to leave for there were others to be freed, and I followed Him chains in hand

 We all left the prison to go free another and I saw in front of me a war

Darkness and light contested each other neither relenting their place

Those who were freed with me followed our king through the battlefield and joined in the fray

I tried to follow as best I could but I still had upon my wrists these chains

They grew heavy and I stumbled and I almost thought I had lost sight of those who were free

I pleaded “Why would you free me only to let me be lost now, I cannot abide in these chains!”

My King turned back to me and said with compassion “Is it those chains who wield you, or is it you who wield those chains?”

I looked at the chain on my left

I coiled it around my wrist and my hand until it my fist became a mighty steel hammer

I looked at the chain on my right

I gave it a snap as the end came to my fingers and I beheld a whip of forged metal

The battle around me raged on but I was no longer afraid

I stood to my feet and struck out against the darkness with the chains on my wrists, now weapons they could not withstand

As we moved to a prison where more warriors joined our number, they looked at me and my chains

They fashioned chains of their own that had once held them still and charged out against the darkness



If anyone were to see me you would know I was once a prisoner, condemned in a cell of my own making

The chains on my wrists are on display for all to see, but my future was mine for the taking

Now I charge forth with weapon in hand to defeat my foes with a righteous swing

For I stand before them mighty warrior and will fight in the name of my King





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  1. This post hit me like a ton of bricks! Profound. A great read. You have real talent. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. This one is one of my favorites.

      Liked by 1 person

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