The Inspiration for my Twitch

I have a weakness for words, of that there is no denying

When they are used incorrectly, inside my soul is crying

Their application is important, for in just the slightest change

You can sound quite intelligent or incredibly deranged

Of most of these transgressions I can shrug off without fail

But there is one indiscretion that pairs a chalkboard and nail

It is misunderstood by many, a very common error

And when it’s used so emphatically it brings upon my senses sharp terror

I do my very best to hide my dismay

But try as hard as I might, I react with a display

When the word hits my ear the reaction is quick

Some that know me can’t help but laugh, I respond with a tick

My eye shuts itself and my neck draws within

And after a moment it’s gone and I facade with a grin

I promise I’m trying to regard my phonetic snobbery

It’s not a big deal like aggravated assault or high way robbery

But still my world could do with a word one less

If we all agreed to remove our ignorance and lose…“irregardless”


Ugh, I did it again…



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