The Sunken Ship

I wrote this as a response to a contest where you were challenged to contribute something scary.  Sunken ships creep me out, hence I wrote this.


The Sunken Ship

Each time my eyes behold it

Fear shoots through all of me

My rational mind tries to justify

The truth of what I see


Most others that observe it

Share none of my emotion

I get looks of strange reaction

That don’t share my dread or commotion.


A tomb of the watery deep

That has come to its final rest

Death and strife has brought it here

Its port never met in the west


A giant piece of manmade glory

In some place it doesn’t belong

Fascination held by many

That can’t help but know what went wrong.


By itself it holds no danger

Its story has long since concluded

But there it lies just the same

By none its fate disputed.


A behemoth that sleeps in the dark

In the eerie deep down below

A silent corpse of what once was

The star of the stream liner show


It first showed promise and so much life

A luxury to those with wealth

But pride and hubris ruled the day

And night brought about tragic death


Some of it is still intact

Not a clue of any distress

But the rest of it shows the horror

That caused it to sink under too much duress.


It’s a specter in the deep water

That gives me chills after all these years

No matter how many movies or museums explain it

I cannot shake my own deep rooted fears.


I’m resigned to the fact that it will haunt me

I keep cautious thought to avoid any panic

My imagination tries but fails to reconcile

The ill-fated voyage of the Titanic



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