Wedding Toast

Written for my brother-in-law who is getting married tomorrow.


Wedding Toast

I do not claim to be a master (more so a novice)

Every day I learn something new

What knowledge I’ve gained I consider quite precious

And tonight I impart some to you


Above all things be honest

More important, be honest with her

In your triumphs and failings she will be at your side

And uphold all the oaths that she swore


Tell her every day that you love her

Some lesser men would just say that “she knows”

Your position will hold you to insure nothing less

Through your affection she prospers and grows


Accept that some days will be bad days

And others you will reserve as the worst

Keep your resolve to bring her through these

For these moments will determine your worth


Never forget to have fun

It is your laughter you will treasure the most

Your smiles open wide till there’s pain in your side

The joy in your lives keeps you close


As her leader conduct yourself a servant

And give her the support that she needs

There is no better way than to show her each day

“You before me” is your motto and creed


Take stock the advice of your elders

No better resource for wisdom exists

Through their lives you will see who you want to be

Each story and lesson a gift


So as we celebrate I ask raise your glasses

For we have come to the end of my rhyme

We wish you the best in all that you do

May your love bud and blossom through time




One Comment Add yours

  1. TalkaholicMe says:

    Beautifully written.. more beautiful to know the feelings, spirit behind this writeup..


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