At the Cafe

It would almost be pretty except for the heat

At the end of the day

Usual seat in the cafe

I was simply unable to eat

It was my normal routine by now

Come in and order

Drink down way too much water

Try not to stare at you somehow

Before I saw you all I knew was the breeze

My life was my own

A man come full grown

But you infected me like a disease

At first I denied you were real

Your smile so bright

Hair falling just right

I could not escape your appeal

For weeks now I couldn’t help it but watch

Your silk voice in my ear

Any time you’d appear

My eyes would try to run but were caught

At last I had worked up the courage to speak

I would make myself known

How by your presence you’ve shown

That my heart need no longer be weak

I moved to the counter for a coffee to go

Your eyes met mine

This was my time to shine

But after my profession of love you said “no”

Awkward at first I tried to play it off cool

You were nice as you tried

To take my compliment in stride

And make me feel like I wasn’t a fool

Now when I enter I trouble you no more

You still smile when you see me

Going through every single pleasantry

Knowing my love for you burns at my core


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