My Secret Place

There are times where I am despondent

Lost in the sea of anger and pain

Where the world is upon my shoulders

All I can hear is the downpour of rain

My only boon is a secret escape

That is reserved right just for me

I close my eyes and soon you are there

It is you that will set me free

At first I cannot see you

But I know you are close at hand

I feel your touch slide from left to right side

Across my shoulders to say I’m your man

Your touch electrifies my senses

You’d think I’ve never felt you before

As you settle with me and sit down so softly

I become clay you mold at my core

You take my face in your hands and affirm me

Your eyes meet mine just to say

You are just the one I have been waiting for

And I will stand at your side come what may

As you kiss me you move in closer

Taking your place astride my lap

Soon cast aside all we held deep inside

Self control test so much it would snap

I am no longer myself when I am with you

Someone stronger, more assured and bold

It is in you I have found my refuge from life

No longer plagued with the cares of the world

When I open my eyes for a moment I feel you

How your love has given me new life

You smell, your taste, the intimacy you gave

All that was wrong in an instant set right

I move on from my own secret place

Where you wait for me to return

To tell me you love me and how special I am

And give me passion that can only but burn


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