Song of the Samurai

I have come to the end of me; my time may finally have come

I am surrounded by enemies who clamor for me

They press in and call my name

My body is riddled with exhaustion




Every day I fight this fight and opened my eyes to see another day

But today…

My armor is cracked and broken, what armor I have left

With a sigh I look out to those who would have me

Demons with gnashing teeth smile cruelly

Monstrous oni taunt with a guttural laugh

The dark caster that leads them calls to me

My last moments will carry my honor

My sons will speak of my name

Standing to my feat I turn to face them in defiance

My sword is aflame with righteousness that they could only hope brings swift death

Gripping my weapon, my partner, my lover, I charge forth unto my fate

They will know the wrath of a warrior unleashed

The touch of my blade

Should the evil that persists destroy me today

The song of the samurai will never give way



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