The Rain Suits Me

The rain suits me

In the storm I find solace

I’m at my most calm when the thunder clamors

The darker the clouds the better

The tempest can rage all night

But for me it will pass too soon

The rain suits me


My mind is quiet and my thoughts begin to run

Ideas and inspiration take hold in my head

I’m saved from horrendous stagnation

For there are times I struggle to keep an original thought

Then something will come along and free me

The rain suits me


Sometimes I imagine myself just standing there

Outside letting the storm do its worst

The water, the wind, whatever it has left

I would still stand because I let it flow over me and I would remain

I would return soaked to the bone

The rain suits me


The sound, the smell, the flash of lighting following thunder

I have an alert energy I can’t quite explain

I take it all in not knowing when rain like this will come again

Soon the clouds pass or I fall fast asleep

Either way the front is gone

Others may say “thank goodness that’s past” but I secretly hope

That all too soon it comes again and uplifts my spirit


The rain suits me


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