My Testimony

I know you today but it wasn’t always the case

You were the gun that went off at the start of my race

As a child I heard great stories of you

Grand tales of heroes almost too good to be true

A little boy once asked you to be his best friend

To be saved from the world, how else to begin

For a time I walked with you, would run and would play

Then I grew up and you watched as I went my own way

Your existence I doubted, the musings of a child

My life was my own, nothing bad or too wild

When others would speak of their time in your presence

I would listen but truth is I hadn’t witnessed your essence

Those who carried your name made themselves a bad case

To the outside looking in in need of your grace

I remember the day I claimed you weren’t real

To my mother over Mexican food in the middle of our meal

But loved me you did through the worst of my mess

Despite my pride, my failures, and overwhelming stress

You waited for me to come back to your arms

At a beast and fowl dinner where I said what’s the harm

The first one to speak as we finished our food

Was the leader of the house who was not very cool

He embodied my grievances against the whole foolish posse

They tried all pretense to be spotless and glossy

His message was tired, dusty, and old

And affirmed why our relationship had grown dead and ice cold

The one who followed was the one who stood out

The words on his tongue addressed all my doubt

He spoke of you in the world and what you had done

For the people who were left starving and shunned

As he spoke of his experience with inspired glee

I heard your clear voice speak “This is how it should be”

It was then that I had felt what I lacked all these years

The knowledge you were real all but brought me to tears

Immediately I asked for your saving forgiveness

In hope that there was more in my life than transgressions

From that day forth you have never left my side

Even though I still mess up you take me in stride

With you in my life I can’t imagine much else

Every time that I stumble, it is you that gives help

I thank you and love you for saving me that day

When you picked me up and showed me the way



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