The Fight for My Empress

You rule my mind as an empress

Soft in decorum but strong with your hand

No other contending heirs could strive to impress

Or encroach on what is your land

Your reign has been lain with a legacy of grace

Songs and sonnets dedicated to your name

Safe and secure you sit in your palace

A master you play at your game

You are my lady and as such I will show

No compare with you can be made

My affection is reserved just as you know

That at my best your game can be plaid

Still a champion to win the end is not set

You move and counter my best laid plans

A worthy opponent you have yet to be met

But to relent is not in this man

The favor I will win before it is done

Your royal presence I will soon partake

For before the sun sets a champion will be known

The claim on your heart I speed forth and stake


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