She Ruined It

When I first beheld you I was stricken

Of your countenance I could not compare

I was yours at your behest

Should I approach you? I wouldn’t dare


My thoughts played out the scene

Where I was all you wanted

We would meet in a secret place

And afterwards you would leave me haunted

You would disable me with your gaze

And waste no precious time

And leave me with a rare encounter

That would give me inspired rhyme


As I moved to where you were

To begin our great love affair

You looked at me and spoke

…and my fantasy turned to despair.


Your face and your sleek body

Was not all that you were

Did you know that your thoughts betrayed you?

All they did was make it worse.

You turned from suave to silly

No longer refined

You sounded grossly immature

All you could do was whine

In the blink of an eye the attraction was over

I was your slave no more

For the impression I had put upon you

Was based on the dress that you wore

The worldly, sexy temptress

Was all a mirage

What you were was a shallow tease

Trying to flirt with a forward massage


I moved on my way from you, silly girl

An adolescent who is most absurd

You failed to realize the captivating power

That comes from a well spoken word


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