Phonetic Love Affair

I am emphatically in love with words

I cannot deny my infatuation

Sweet sound permeates through the air

And hits my ear with a most pleasing vibration

I see color through speech

I read works of art on a page

Whole new worlds are created

That will pass on from age to age

People reveal their real selves through their words

And unveil the hidden secrets of their hearts

Their countenance you will wear as though a second skin

Their impression will not from thee hence depart

You can make love to one another with nothing else but words

No other device can as adeptly penetrate the soul

The arousal and stimulation is so sharp and intense

Offer but a few choice sentences and they will be pleading for more

Words are sharp enough they can kill

Yet no legal permit for them is required

Lethal warriors in society are lauded and celebrated

Followers behind them are enriched and inspired

Words can bring forth life and harbinger death

They can speak the truth and foretell the future

I would much rather be hit over again with a whip

Than to be subjected to any true phonetic torture

Words have enraptured me and placated my mind

When I am alone and rebuked they are still at my side

No one may ever take them or construe what they mean

As you see many others attempt to do with 15 minutes of TV screen

Words bring me power that can eviscerate mountains

A well placed phrase or two and my slain enemies I’m counting

Words from my loved ones stop me in my tracks

I am fortified in myself; impervious to attacks

They key to my mind and my unaltered affection

Should be all too obvious to any paying attention

Romance me with words; they are my one true weakness

It will be through them you will demonstrate your own uniqueness



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