Sunday Morning

I see you in the warm Sunday sun

Soft, sweet, and comforting

I would lay among these sheets with you forever

But in the distance I can hear Monday calling

I fight against time and put this to memory

The curve of you, your scent, your skin

Set adrift in a sea of white cotton

I lie awake and in silence take you in

I am resurrected by your power

I am dead inside no more

You planted a seed of life in my soul

Why you chose me I will never be sure

There is pure joy in your heart

Unlike anything I have seen

You refused to accept the worst life

And live as if though a romantic TV screen

My walls were no match for your laugh

Your smile is quite disarming

The words from your lips are laced with honey

The very essence of you is all too charming

With your touch you made me come alive

I felt things I never knew where there

I am now made whole through the light of your love

Frightening thing is I’m not even scared

If we still lay here tomorrow or next year

I am not able to say

But I have forever been changed by you

The demons of my past have been cast away




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