Dancing with Tequila

After a night of salsa dancing and trading shots of tequila

We ended up together in my room

It wasn’t clear which one of us was seducing who exactly

But we were in agreement it was each other we would consume

In the humidity your dress clung to show off your figure

I can’t help but think that was no small mistake

It fell to the floor in a pile of soft white linen

Telling me exactly the road in which you would take

We were already worked up from the dancing downstairs

Your body pressed up close against mine

We fell back in step to right where we were

Our bodies effortlessly matched and kept perfect time

The taste of our lips was just as I thought

More intoxicating than the liquor we drank

You fell down with me on the box spring below

Where my mind in its state soon went blank

I remember a swirl of skin and sweet sweat

Caused by the heat, the dancing, and more

You were beautiful as you lie with the sheet at your side

As another shot of Cuervo you’d pour

Your body was the bar that was being served up that night

I was the only one drinking

Shot after shot came off your tanned curves

God only knows just what we were thinking

There was no inch of your body that escaped my taste

There was salt, lime, and booze

By the end of the night we were spent in each other

With nothing of ours left to lose

Morning light came and I found you were gone

Your only sign were the intimates you left

It was just in that night where we gave in to each other

Only the memories would be what we’d kept




Art by Nicclectic


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