Three Second Lifetime

It’s not fair that you kept yourself hidden from me

You went on your own way in life and lived separately

It wasn’t until our fates were already locked and sealed

That you stepped into my life as if from a dream but all too real

Your eyes met mine and you knew just as I

We were destined to be together until the day that we died

There you still stood next to your handsome beloved

Through a PTA meeting we were both growing sick of

I saw in a flash what had awaited both of us

Unbridled passion that was all too glorious

Several children were there that ran all around

Who in turn would bring in grandchildren, no better a sound

The love in our eyes would know life like no other

But this moment was it; our love would go on no further

In the three perfect seconds we were the loves of each other’s lives

My heart broke to see that you had become someone else’s bride

In a three second lifetime I knew love with no end

That should have been mine in a lover and friend



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