The Eyes I Cannot Escape are My Own

We all see life through our own unique filter

We take it in, process it, and see the outside world

No one sees the world like I do and as much as I try

I can’t turn it off

After growing up on stage and learning performance, presentation, and presence

I fear there is no tougher critic than me

Doesn’t matter if it’s a play, a sermon, or a business presentation

I process, I analyze, I critique

Did you enunciate your words?

Were you understood?

Maybe you moved back and forth in your nervousness

Did you think this was easy and find out that it was anything but?

I can’t turn it off


Do you believe the words you are saying, or just reciting a script?

Did you forget your line? Odds are no one watching noticed.

But I did.

You hesitated or spoke how you would talk and not like who you are trying to portray

I can’t turn it off


The congregation presses in during worship to feel the presence of God

I hear a singer off key, the guitar is not with the rest, and God I am TIRED of this song!

I can’t turn it off!


Audiences go and love the escape, but I’m trapped in my own head

I miss out on just letting go

I don’t just watch anymore

How can it be better, do you have the talent?

Impress me!

Most of the time I want to just turn it off and watch the world without a filter

Just observe

But I can’t.

This is the filter through which I see my world and I can’t turn it off.


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