Running to Heartbreak

Something about you was broken

But I couldn’t get you out of my mind

I saw you there and knew you were poison

No agenda to ever be kind

My mind raced on without me

In search of its selfish pursuits

Where your form and your figure was all I could see

My obsession was to know all of you

You gave me your best upfront warning

That I would only get hurt in the end

I pressed on until your defenses were nil

With each other a night we would spend

The physical passion was more than I knew

I did what I could just to keep up

Your love from that night left a brand on my mind

In comparison I was little more than a pup

You turned to leave just as we finished

I reached for you but you spurned me away

This was all that it was for no expectation

Was given for the end of the day

Your anger with me was rightly deserved

You had foretold me just what I would do

I would give you my all and still I would fall

For the dark fallen angel of you



*inspired by “I’m Not an Angel” by Halestorm


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