Wherever I Am, There You Are

Even if you walked away you would never leave me

The piece of you that you gave me lives in my mind

As I work, I feel your fingers through my hair

When I walk alone, you are holding my hand

We talk all day long but I never utter a word

You laugh at my jokes

I see the joy in your eyes

You call me out when I pass the buck

You care too much to let it go


I wonder if I go with you wherever you are

Do you feel my hands on your shoulders at the end of the day?

Do we make small talk during commercials of your favorite TV show?

Do we eat together, just resting in our silence?

Maybe on a sunny afternoon we would take a walk

I’d read to you as you rest in my lap, both of us perfect in each other


If I’m with you or not, truth is it doesn’t matter

You’re with me and that’s still us together

I’m never alone with you at my side

Making me smile

Giving me strength

Feeling you beaming into me brings me life

In you I’m alive



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