Needing Something Else

Lately I’ve been feeling the need for something else

Something that leaves me elated, not sad

People around me go on with their lives

In the same dismal daze they’ve always had

There’s no drive, no pursuit, no passion

No one is moving forward

I can’t abide living among stagnation

I have to press on and move towards my reward


The music in my life is more hard and edgy

The melody stirs my heart to feel

Lyrics ring true as an echo of my soul

My dormant emotions are brought forth and made real

I search the world for things that stir me

To feel as I was at seventeen

To live in the fullness of all that’s in life

Not content with just in-between


I’m drawn to those choice few around me

Who feel the same way I do

The loud, the colorful, the exorbitant ones

Those are the friends that I go to

I want to stay in the state

Of my heart nearly beating out of my chest

If I can’t keep the feeling of needing it all

I’m no better than any of the rest



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