Mantra of a Junkie

It’s hard to hate an addiction you feed

Who else is there to blame but you?

Starve the addiction, it withers dies

But for one reason or other, I can’t see it through

I love my addiction, I know that I shouldn’t

I should be a slave to nothing

It’s at the start of each day that I make the same way

To visit the addiction I’m nursing

It doesn’t hurt anyone, not even me

I can’t find a reason to stop

I’ve made it a part of me inside my veins

This habit that I refuse to drop

It’s scarred me and branded me

I take it wherever I go

The scars I can hide easily enough

So much that not one will show

My addiction is mine and no one else’s

No one can take it away

Take it or leave it, it’s part of my life

I’ve carved out the place it will stay



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