Though the Righteous May Fall

Dark ominous skies tower above me

Waiting to release the rain

Struggling to get up I move and I stir

Pushing my body through pain

My vision is blurry my head in a tunnel

Sound echoes off everything around and lingers

I taste blood in my mouth and quickly remember

Then clinched fist is formed from my fingers

Slowly but surely I stand on my feet

I smell of dirt, sweat, and stink

The fight before me is not yet done

I cannot condone the havoc it wreaked

Fighting to breathe, I still take in air

A rib sending pain through my side

I feel wet flowing down and heat on my leg

I’m sure is blood seeping through a cut open wide

I’ll fight till the end no matter the cost

No matter the hurt I endure

I cannot lose ground to the evil before me

That looks to corrupt all the good and the pure

A champion of light is the last thing I am

Not worthy to stand in this place

Still I will fight until the battle is over

Permitted to act through His grace

My race not yet won, I press my feet forward

Against my enduring opponent

At the end of the day, victory is mine

My final worth will be told in this moment



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