Musings of a Joker

*written for a contest where the writer had the topic of the Joker from Batman*

As I sit here in my cell I can’t help but ponder

Do you think of me as often as I think of you?

Too many times have we crossed paths

For our time together to ever be through

You beat me up and lock me here

But there is always another day

When I’ll dance around these city streets

Where I’ll cause some mayhem and play

Could you ever really be the true you

If there ever was no me?

There are plenty of people in Gotham City

Who would surely love to see

From those who have a permanent smile

Almost as good as mine

To those whose blood I’ve smeared on my hands

Whose last breath was just a matter of time

The sad thing is with everyone here

It’s you who misses the joke!

Out of all of us locked away up in Arkham

It is the Bat that is the one who is broke

Don’t you worry your pretty winged head

Soon I will deliver the punch line

So everyone knows just who is to blame

For the reign of Clown Prince of Crime

So come find me soon, you’ll know just where I am

We can skip with the circus of trial

We will meet once again and this time I promise

Before I’m done I’ll carve out a smile


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