Beholding a Woman

I am taken by the visage of a woman
There is really nothing else quite like it
The delicate curves, the softness deserved
Men spend their lives just to behold it
The seductive confidence they have
The power that resides in their presence
If we could do nothing else with the time we had
We would spend it all basking in their essence
The shapely hourglass is all I can see
Sleek, elegant, and enticing
My attention is held at nothing but her entrance
Her eyes holding mine, inviting
Her demeanor is soft, pleasant and warm
I want nothing else but to speak to her
Her affections and love will let me go far
Pushing past trouble in my path that occurs
The clothes she adorns bring her true glory
She is a vision wherever she goes
Her movements are taken with skill and with grace
Her voice and her body in tandem both flow
I stare not to gawk or dismiss what she is
I look for no other reason than awe
For true art these days is too hard to come by
With no trace of imperfection or flaw


One Comment Add yours

  1. I found you woman amidst the roses,
    I didn’t know I was in the mist of roses,
    I found you, I found luck
    But you found me and my heart you locked…

    Please follow my blog at


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