Chasing Catharsis

To be honest, I’m jealous of those who cry on a regular basis
It looks like a great source of internal release
I rarely cry on my own
It’s just not something that comes easily
Sadness doesn’t really do it
When I’m moved or inspired it’s closer to a “teared up” feeling, no actual weeping

There are days when frustration, loneliness, anger…whatever
Builds and builds inside of me that I need to release the pressure
Emotions feel like they will actually explode out of me and I think
If only I could just cry they would leave!
But I can’t
So I live on the edge of bursting
Just hoping for the pressure to subside
It will leave me eventually
I just have to wait and hold on
Those of you who cry may feel like a mess that can’t help it
But coming from someone who wishes they could cry and can’t
I’d rather have the pressure come out then keep it in


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