Searching Through Grey Walls

My heart is heavy

My body is sluggish to move

The world presses in against me

Stuck in the way of its own selfish groove

Powerless against it

The noise grows ever louder

Smaller and smaller I seem to shrink

The merciless are ever prouder

Hurting, pain and sorrow

Seem to rule the day

Looking forward on to tomorrow

Is hard when trapped in yesterday

Walls, shields, and towers

Obscure the faces I would find

We hide in seclusion from one another

There are no ties among us that bind

Only a shared pain that bleeds through the past

Is what we share among our souls

It’s all we can see that will prove to last

The granite monument to our sorrow and woes

All the world is grey, color only a lie

The ones in control are the ones who are talking

So I stand on my own with no one to impugn me

Pressing on I have no choice but walking

Despite all the grey and the walls scaling high

I look out for just one friendly face

To see my own self in someone not quite me

Is my hope for my own lonely race


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  1. Well done! The sense of desolation you’ve imbued is tragically beautiful! Very nice!


    1. Many thanks! Not much more desolate a feeling than loneliness and isolation. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

      Liked by 1 person

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