The Ex-Girlfriend I Wish I Had

She gets out of bed before I do because she hates to waste time

Still wants to fuck before leaving, it starts her day off just right

Reading more than she lets on, she is incredibly sharp

Misses me when we are together, but not when we are apart

Always dressed in favor of comfort, but sexy underneath

An acquired flavor to everyone; sour with a touch of sweet

Her greatest weapon – the sting of her tongue, all that comes from her lips

It can be her words that disarm you, or the slick sway of her hips

I feel like I’ll need her forever, but know that it will never last

Her fury burns to the core of me, so to keep up I have to act fast

She gets bored way too easily and is always on the go

In keeping her attention I have to bring new acts to my show


The love that she shows is all but skin deep

It’s addicting, it’s demanding; it’s rough and it’s brutal

It hurts and it scars, nearly too much for a mere mortal

It’s impulsive and raw, almost a deep hunger

It feeds into me and fuels my own sick desire

I touch, I taste, I breathe in her scent

I’d tell you my thoughts but I can’t find where they went

With her it’s just sex, only a physical need

It’s an ache that is primal and comes out of greed

I know there’s none better despite where I’d look

In her I’m addicted, a slave who is hooked


The end that will come will be a great war

The passion in her will cut and will scar

I’ll try to explain a tattoo or a song that moves me

To someone new who looks up to and loves me

We both will move on to the rest of our lives

But we’ll think back on us and recall being alive



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