The words from her lips sound like honey

Lyrics that would soothe the most savage beast

Her wit as sharp as a double edged sword

Skill in battle no one doubts in the least

Her slightest touch is enough to cure you

Of stress, fatigue, and all worry

Her love is enough to reform your very soul

Becoming the hero of your own romantic story

Legends performed have tried to describe

The extent of all of her beauty

Try as they might they still all fall short

To do justice to her visage so truly

Her form is unmistakably hers

Each feminine curve is perfectly placed

All who behold her are bewitched by her spell

The picture of her in my memory is traced

The countenance about her is of brightness and joy

With just a hint of a dark, sinful nature

A disarming smile that comes with a wink

Is all that she needs to enthrall and enrapture

The world is her oyster and we all are just pieces

That she moves in her encompassing game

To what end she will make her terminal move

We won’t know; but I’m sure, we will all be as taken by her just the same

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