Of the Fates that Await Me

A Look at What I'm Up To

Of the fates that await me

I can stomach all of them but one

To stare at my visage in a mirror

And find that I recognize no one

That I am no longer myself

With no idea where I am

Of how I came to find myself here

And what’s worse, not give a damn

To feel myself slipping away

One day here and then gone the next

To know I’m losing my faculties

And hope that no one suspects

For who am I if not myself?

My ideas, my thoughts, and my dreams

My body is still here buy my mind is gone

Is it really as frightening as it seems?

I know my knees will fail me

My back will no longer support

My eyes may go all together

But losing my mind I dread the worst

For if though my body goes

In my mind I’ll…

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