Reflection of Me

I look for you wherever I go

I admit that first thing I do is find you

I try not to make too much a show of it

I confess all that I say to be true

There is some kind of special connection

That I share with no one else

What makes it crazy is that you feel it too

How it happened no one can tell

Your eyes see me just as I am

You make no pretense about who it is that you are

You are honest with your words and share what you think

Even if they may cut deep and cause scars

Your voice rings out like no other

With no effort we are completely in sync

Through all the others it is you that stands out

It’s your words that I savor and drink

It’s something that’s not quite romantic

More like a shift to the side

We see each other for the people we are

The true selves that we usually hide

A safety and comfort is just what you are

Nothing else would I want you to be

From the heart that’s within comes the bright shining light

That shows the reflection of me


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