Reborn Through a Phoenix

I was as one dead, just walking alone

No feeling, drive, or compassion

Color had escaped all through the world

Shades of grey had become full fashion

Wind was all I could feel

Roads cold, desolate, and barren

Biding my time until the end came

Hardly at all did I come close to caring


You came in fire, blazing and hot

Shining with light, I would not see

Living in shadow I could not contend

What this fiery illumination from you may be

Your touch was warm but did not burn

I soon felt life in my veins

Color returned to the hue of my skin

Strength in my step, I no longer felt shame


A creature of mystical fire fell upon me

Bringing new life wherever she lay

Reborn through a phoenix igniting my soul

I saw the sun rise at the start of the day

No longer dead but one so alive

A bright spectrum now ran through my world

Brought back from death and the verge of abyss

The fiery light came from one single girl



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