Relapse in You

The sweetness of you lingers on my skin
Where your touch set me aflame
Quickly I became your willing prisoner
Upon your first utterance of my name
I was lost in a sea of sensation
No safe harbor in sight
A flash of heat, the taste of sweat
The sound of your voice through the night
As we moved among the silken sheets
Your body pressed against mine
I knew I would never escape you
You were rooted deep in my mind

You knew who I was
And who I needed to be
You demanded I take control
In doing so you were freed
I held you with a secure hand
Of my intent you were sure
I knew what it was to be inside you
And through a whispered plea you asked for more
I felt you melt, lost in the moment
Your passion grew the more I pressed in
For a moment you lost your breath
But you gave no permission to end

Then you moved so swiftly
You had planned your attack
I was disarmed at your kiss
And never dared to look back
Your tender touch held me still
My soul had merged with yours
I could spend here an eternity
Sleeping with you on these lustful shores



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