The Tale of Mr. Scratch

Beware the truth of the terrifying tale

Of the man known only as Scratch

No fellow before him knew so much pain

Or lived through anything to match

Locked in suffering he goes on his way

To share to all what plagues him

In order to abate the insufferable feeling

In his mind that is dark as a chasm

Look for him when you least suspect

It is just then when he will find you

Pain he will bring straight to your heart

So that death will seem like a breakthrough

It is what you fear the most he has in store

It is intended especially to paralyze

He sees in your soul just so he knows

Your dark secrets he steals through your eyes

His face is locked in a perpetual sneer

All he can feel now is hate

It is when you see him from the edge of your eye

That I’m sorry to say it’s too late

Quickly through shadow he moves

To each victim, from place to place

His pain will be shared before the night’s end

Then a smile will seep to his face

His pale skin it seems to just hang on his cheeks

For the moment his pain is no more

But soon it returns and so on to the next

He moves swiftly to even the score

If ever you find a scratch on your door

That is there for no other reason

It is then that you now he has chosen to show

That it is you that is in hunting season

Deny the truth or prepare all you can

Lock all your doors with a latch

But nothing in the end will bring you release

Except for the swift hand of Scratch


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