Speaking with No Restraint

I don’t know if you would really understand

Once you heard what I had to say

You’ve known me as one way for all of my life

There is no comprehension that I wouldn’t just stay

I’ve kept things inside for far too long

You never truly saw inside the real me

A shell that was walking this earth in my stead

Through the crowd of all of my friends, no one even bothered to see

I was hiding behind my self-made walls

Holding my own thoughts hostage

Quiet and calm was my public demeanor

True feelings and thoughts were held up in bondage

Slowly but surely they crept through the cracks

One by one finding their footing

Until the dam that held them finally gave way

Emotions in my heart began flooding

The middle transfigured to sudden extremes

I almost was taken aback

I never had dared push in to these things

Never once did take up the slack

Now that they‘re here I hold on to them tight

For fear they will soon go away

And leave me again right in the middle

Where emotion would no longer hold sway

You may think this odd and most unlike me

Just what did I think I was missing?

That’s just the thing, I didn’t really know

I had always just settled for wishing

That I felt like some others who carried passion and fire

Why couldn’t it be me who lived life just like that?

Now that I feel the deep seed within me

Everything before just looks flat

It’s still me inside, just with more flavor

You may find that you like things this way

I’m here just to show that the me that you know

Will not restrain any more what I say


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