What I Would Say To My Dad

I don’t know you as I would choose to

Much in the same way you don’t know me

You keep to yourself most of the time

Only certain parts of you can be seen

I don’t really know any tales from your youth

Or stories of how you became a man

All I know is what I’ve lived with you

Was that at all according to your plan?


I’ve heard more about you as you have told others

When I just happened to be in the room

Why you didn’t feel it important to share before

To know your thoughts I wouldn’t begin to presume

From you I have learned quite a lot

In what you did and what you failed to do

It all went to shape who I am today

But the moments I’m contented with you are few


I never doubted your love for me

Your support you never withheld

Anything I needed I had to only but ask

In all this you did, never volunteering yourself

I always had to come to see you

Never you coming to me

Your time and your stories are what I was wanting

Who you were, what I wanted to see


Most of my strengths I claim as inherited

The best of yourself passed on down the line

My weaknesses I think are also from you

In me you definitely shine

Now that it’s time for me to be dad

Your lessons I keep close at hand

Your best and your worst will help me become

As a hero to my son I will stand


Respect and your best are what I expect

Nothing is out of your reach

Provision for family is what I will be

Through my actions is what I will preach

He will know who I am and who I was once

A clear picture of my life I will paint

To be honest without fear and discard any rage

To be patient in life and to wait


As you have said unto others (never once said to me)

As a father you consider yourself a failure

If a reflection of me as a parent you’re seen

Count a success the result of your labor



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  1. Simply Honest. loved It.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. This one was a more difficult one to write. I had put it off for quite a while. I’m happy you liked the read.

      Liked by 1 person

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