All of Us Star Dust

Bits of myself are scattered through the cosmos

My being nothing more than star dust

Part of the world yet one set apart

One who originated from the earth and its crust

A cog in the machine of a social combine

I play the role I was destined to play

I observe those around me in life as they go

Each with their voice and the words that they say

At odds with myself I am stuck in the middle

Wanting to belong but still be unique

So much to the side that I have befallen myself

I do not say much but sit back and see

No wonder I feel as much as I do

Ostracized from the rest of the world

I am here through my own actions and only because

To raise my voice I was never quite sure

So in an effort to break these walls that I’ve built

I step out and shake hands with you

For we are all made up of the same still star dust

The same spirit we share shows that’s true



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