Getting Out of My Own Way

I am the textbook definition of an introvert

Trust me, I even looked it up

I keep to myself and say very little

Going through life where I simply hush up

I am often misconstrued as haughty

Disinterested or angry with others

I use three words instead of using seven

So direct and short in my words that it bothers

I am more aware today of the way that I am

Though I appear cold that is not the truth

I bear emotion and care quite deeply in fact

I have been this way ever since the days of my youth

I open up to a small group of people

But still the same, I don’t reveal all

I keep my thoughts very much my own

And in doing so I make others feel small

My heart breaks in two for the hurt that I cause

Dealing in pain was not my intention

But through the words from my lips or my body’s inaction

The impression of others I give is distraction

I am alone most the time and the funny thing is

By definition it’s what I like best

But to cut people out or misrepresent myself

Brings a pain that builds up in my chest


I attempt to make strides at opening up

It’s silly but it’s against my nature

It’s too easy for me to just draw back inside

Almost as shell like a giant sea creature

I ask for your patience, I’m doing my best

This is not a natural skill

My true self I will work to bring forth out to you

With determination and sheer force of my will


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  1. Just that one Girl says:

    I can relate to this so much.

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    1. It’s a challenge for me; It’s something that’s engrained in my behavior. I don’t like it when people have the wrong impression of me, but I rarely convey the right image.

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  2. Those who know you will know what you’re like and understand, will they not? I always prefer the introverted. I feel as though if they eventually open up to me then it’s my prize and I’m ever more eager to get to know them. Easy come, easy go I say 🙂 There’s a great test that I fellow blogger posted today that highlights all the positive and negatives of personality traits.

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  3. ... says:

    Hi. My thoughts are with you. I tend to shut myself away from the world too often and end up lonely. Have a good day.


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