In Desperate Need of a Power Nap

As much as I may be reticent to admit it
I’m not as young as I once was
I’m not put out to pasture by any means
But I can’t see any hour of night simply just because
Not ten years ago I would easily pull an all-nighter
Getting two or three hours, maybe no sleep at all
Today I’d be absolutely useless
With less than six hours of good sleep I’d fall
I can still run when I’m prompted
Though I may regret it tomorrow
I can give as good as I get in the moment
Next day I’m drowning in sorrow
I’m not ready to give up my resilience
I should have more energy than this
But try as I might I still want a nap
Behind my eyelids lost in sweet bliss
There is no respite from my woes
I am on the downhill slide through time
My focus I must keep till tonight I do rest
Until then I’ll slump down in my chair and whine


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  1. Oh I know the feeling! 🙂

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