A warm glow of joy

You look at me with love

At your touch my burdens are gone

Weight is lifted from my shoulders

I breathe

I feel love from you

Important, valued, cherished

My inner self is restored in your eyes


You are soft, but strong

Your body fits as if it were made to match mine

I am pacified with your smell

The feel of you

Lips trace my skin and would have me melt

I feel as if a true man




My spirit is revived and renewed

Life overflows from you

Your face looks as if all you do is smile

True happiness

You reach through to my heart as if I carried no armor

Even though we both know I’m loathe to lay it down

You are magic


A visitor of this world that chooses to bless me

To set me apart

For no one else but you


Giving yourself to me, you are mine


 photo by TheEtherealSoul





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