Loves of Mine

Poetry is written to display our passion

The longing of our hearts and the goal of our mission

Yet in all the time I have been painting with words

I have yet to mention a love in my world

So in order to rectify such a heinous mistake

I will speak about it now with no further delay

Please indulge for a few moments, never too long

As I go about now to set right what was wrong


I remember the first, for I saw them on screen

A tale of four teenage brothers who were all half shell and green

Before long they were followed by the Autobots’s war

And I played with their toys, a cool transforming car

Ghostbusters, dinosaurs, and astronauts too

I loved all my fictions to shuttles that flew

Before long my interests turned to heroes from the page

Comic panel to panel at just ten years of age

Mighty mutants fought for good alongside webbed warriors

I entertained iron men and found supreme sorcerers

Then a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Took over my life that some remember to this day

The search for magical dragon balls became a big hit

Dice games with dragons in pursuit of a crit hit

I found love in Middle Earth where the fellowship was

And came round again to a comic book buzz

Now as an adult I collect all nerd things

Adding to my collection past just the One Ring

I read about the boy who lived and his battle against you know who

I came in on the modern resurgence of the tales of Dr. Who

Avengers and X-men have gone to movie screens

Now it’s culturally cool to wear a nerd shirt and be seen

I am well versed in the world of all that is geeky

From Joss Whedon and Buffy to the CW and trekkies


From just a boyhood passion on now to pop culture

I can’t help but sit back and enjoy all the wonder

Where you can talk with anyone about who is the best Batman

To the latest podcast of the filmmaker Smith, Kevin

So if you look at your passion no matter the label

Always be proud to love it be it real or a fable

We all have our loves in the things we enjoy

That remind us that feeling we had as a boy


So say we all



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