The Power You Wield

You do not know the power you wield

Standing in place with a sharp sword and shield

The words that you speak weave inspiration in the air

They uplift the soul and cast aside all its cares

They will convict those in conflict, bringing people to their knees

They will open blind eyes where at last they will see

They will shame or destroy all who stand in their path

Laying waste to your enemies who at last feel your wrath


The sad thing is you stand there as a timid, scared child

Who to the casual observer would at best call you mild

Your eyes are cast down to the floor, you’re unsure

Are you afraid to speak out and use your own words?

You pace back and forth, shuffling from foot to foot

You need to stay still, stand tall and take root

If you move, go with purpose, don’t just amble about

Your speech like your path takes the long, scenic route


Engage those before you and speak life to their lives

Look them straight on and relieve all their strife

Speak boldly the truth, they will listen to you

The authority is yours; now put it to good use

Feel timid? Don’t know it.  All they will see is what speaks

Be strong in your words, not feeble and weak

Before you know it you will move on your own

No longer will you be the one not yet come full grown

Presence commanding, a sight to behold

A warm light to bask in not quiet or cold

Don’t worry about your ego; there will be plenty of balance

People will always keep you humble, but can you stand to the challenge?

In speech or in song your tongue gives you power

So much so that never will you ever need cower

Stand firm where you are and speak your mind true

The one best suited for your task is but you



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    1. Thanks! There are several performing arts kids I work with that I had this in mind for. They have a lot of potential in them, they just haven’t taken the reigns yet.

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