I Have to Say It, Then I Can Be Done

Again I got caught up in something stupid

You’d think by now I’d learn

Now that it’s over and I’m cast aside

All I feel in my heart now is the burn


I see your name and my anger returns

What exactly did you want from me?

I can’t help but feel what you wanted to pass

I would never have given you truly.


Against my better judgment I exchanged a few words

I was selfish and then I didn’t care

Now I’ve got the ability to forget it

And shuck this emotion I bear


I recede into my world where you found me before

I won’t walk again in yours

The effect on me is a long lasting one

I will remember your words, that’s for sure


If you have the same trouble I really care not

I wish you all of the best

I go on my way and write a new verse

Your memory fades with the rest





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