The Search for Inspirado

I’ve been searching for you, but still you elude me

I am less when you aren’t by my side

You bring me comfort, stability, and calm

No matter where my eyes do go, you are nowhere in sight


Each time before you are never quite the same

Sometimes familiar, but always a bit different

Where you are now I cannot quite say

Try as I might I cannot infer it


Any time now I know you’ll return

Coming back as you always have before

Even in knowing you will come round the bend

I still search for you all the more


A void in my mind is what plagues me

Until you come back in your glory

Then on I can go with what you instill

More words to further the story


Please do not prolong your absence from me

I am a shell of the thing that I am

For when we are one the words that come out

Are the foundation of which I will stand


*unknown artist*


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