My Dream About Time Travel

via Daily Prompt: Original

I rarely remember my dreams. About 97% of the time that I sleep I just drift off into darkness and then just wakeup the next day.  At about 2.5% of the time I remember my dream but then as the day goes on, the memory fades away from my mind, and usually by lunch time the dream is gone.  Then there is the remainder.  That half of a percent chance that the dream will be seared into my bran, a memory I cannot escape.  There was one such time that I had a dream like this where I believe I had an original idea for a story.  There are some references or feels to other things, but the story itself was not inspired or pulled from any other work that I had seen.  The gist of the dream is this:

A woman goes through her normal daily life. We see her family, husband and kids, her friends, and her coworkers.  The typical “day in the life of” exposition that would accompany most movies.  Then she goes to sleep as she normally does.  When she wakes up she discovers she is several years older even though for her no time has passed.  Her kids have grown older and are getting ready for their day.  Her husband goes off to work like he normally does.  Her doorbell rings and a woman greets her.  She talks to her a little apprehensively but says that she knows that she isn’t her true self like she normally is.  Somehow this woman knows that our main character has jumped through time.  She explains that they are best friends and she is here to help her get through her day and through her guidance our main character is able to get through it.  She has questions for her new best friend but she doesn’t give up too many answers.  She says that she can’t know too much about the future for danger of messing things up.  She then goes on to bed at the end of the day.  This process will continue for about 6 to 7 more times, again our main character finding themselves jumping along through time, each time having a different person there to help them.  It varies from her husband to one of her kids as they have grown into adults.  There was one instance where she woke up on a plane.  She would be in the midst of a business trip and have to navigate an important business meeting without the help of a guide on that day, but there would be mysterious notes on her computer (or whatever she would be using in the future).

Her last time jump would be as an old woman. Her husband has passed and she is visited by one of her kids, who, again, knows she has jumped through time.  Our main character will be scared to go to sleep for fear that she would die and miss all of her life.  Her daughter comforts her and says that everything will be ok.  She was a great mother and wife.  The daughter tells her that she knows that she will be okay because it was the main character that sent letters to the different people that helped her out through her time jumps.  She would provide the necessary info needed to her guides that she would need go get through the events of the days she was to navigate.  Our main character sent the info ahead of herself to meet her on the time jumps because she remembered what she did on those days.  As she goes to sleep she wakes up again just as she did when she went to sleep at the beginning of the story.  She then quickly goes to her desk and begins to write letters that will be sent out to her friends, family, and trusted coworkers that helped her on her time jumps.

The story/dream plays with the idea that events in the future are depended on what happened in the past, but the past events came from what happened in the future. It’s an interesting time travel theory that has been played with before in books and movies.  The goal of the story is to have a touch of sci-fi and comedy (some of these situations could be pretty funny) within the drama of going through time and appreciating your family and your life.

I haven’t sat down to storyline or outline this idea yet. I don’t even have a title.  But I do plan to get to it eventually.


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