The Breach of Fantasy

Walking along my path in the woods

I stumbled across a strange sight

If not careful I would have walked by it

Missing that something wasn’t right

It hung in the air but clung on to nothing

Almost as if the air itself had been broken

The light had but shifted through this point out in space

No reference to this had before been spoken

I cautiously stepped forward to take a closer look

Just what exactly was this?

It made no noise or threatening moves

But the back of my mind implied risk

I looked around the back to gain more perspective

It looked the same there as it did before

Just what I confronted I had no guess

The possibilities and ideas began to soar

Then suddenly a hand reached through without warning

Grasping for anything it could grab

Followed by an arm to some dark large creature

I moved back to avoid being stabbed

I found a place to conceal my full person

But still keep watch the event

What was happening here was unlike any other

And I had to know exactly what it meant

The creature moved through and at last its full body

Was entirely out for me to view

The hole in reality had grown much larger

To allow the monster to step through

This beast was quite large, much bigger than me

It was nothing native to this world

But at once I did know just what was before me

The fear in me would have my head caused to swirl

Old folklore and legends have been old through the years

Of a variety of mean, gargantuan monsters

But sure as I was this was the inspiration to some

Causing sleepless nights to many youngsters

This was a troll or an ogre, whatever you call them

The creature was still what it was no matter the name

The fact that he stood not thirty feet from me

Caused my body to freeze just the same

As soon as it looked around to see

Just what new world it had come to

It turned back around to the hole in space/time

And gave a call for the next to come on through

All said and done twelve monsters came through

From one foreign world to the next

And soon they would wreak much havoc in town

On a people that would never expect


Soon through more time I would go on to discover

More points hanging in nothing like this

That would serve as new doorways for more to come on

Into our world with no trouble as they wished

The legends and lore of creatures of old

Some scary and some far much worse

Transposed from wherever they were once before

Had brought to our world a huge curse

Our lives as we knew them would not be the same

Many would perish in conflict

Humanity would soon catch on quick enough

To what surely no one could predict

And now we live in a world of great wonders

Vampires, werewolves, and dragons

Ghosts, goblins, and near anything else

That we had told over camp fire or flagon

The fake became real all in an instant

Changing our world forever

We will go on surviving the best way we know how

Being tenacious, brave, strong, and clever




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